Microsoft Security Community - Upcoming Webinars 2022

Some upcoming Microsoft security webinars for May/June/July/August 2022.

Microsoft Security Community - Upcoming Webinars 2022

MAY 24th 2022  Microsoft Defender for IoT | Section 52 - Investigating Malicious Ladder Logic

In this session, our researcher, Maayan, will share some interesting techniques for investigating potentially malicious Ladder Logic code. Maayan will briefly overview the basics of Ladder Logic programming and demonstrate it on our lab equipment.

MAY 26th 2022   Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Azure Security Benchmark V3 Workbook

The Azure Security Benchmark workbook is designed to enable Cloud Architects, Security Engineers, and Governance Risk Compliance Professionals to gain situational awareness for cloud security posture and hardening.

MAY 31st 2022   Microsoft Sentinel | Transforming Data at Ingestion Time in Microsoft Sentinel

The new version of the custom logs API in Log Analytics together with the new pipeline transformation feature open up many new scenarios for Microsoft Sentinel customers, like filtering, masking or tagging. Join this session as we explore these scenarios and show practical examples on how to implement them.

JUN 2nd 2022   Diversity in Cybersecurity | Building Community for Underrepresented Minorities in Cybersecurity

In this session, Roger will share his story on building community, mentorship, and job opportunities for underrepresented minorities in cybersecurity.

JUN 14th 2022   Diversity in Cybersecurity | Connecting Women in Technology

Join this webinar to learn about connecting women in the technology sector through attracting, retaining and promoting programs.

JUN 16th 2022   Microsoft Defender for Cloud | The Latest Microsoft Defender for Cloud News from RSA

Join us for this webinar to learn more about the latest announcements directly from the Microsoft Defender for Cloud product team, with in-depth feature overviews and demos.

JUN 21st 2022  Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Protect Your Azure Service Layer with Microsoft Defender for ARM & Defender for DNS

Microsoft Defender for Cloud can give you breadth security protection across your Azure resources, in just a few clicks! Find out how through Defender for ARM (Azure Resource Manager) and Defender for DNS!

JUN 23rd 2022   Microsoft Sentinel | Leverage New and Existing Features to Optimize Costs in Microsoft Sentinel

Join us for this webinar for a recap on pre-existing cost management strategies as well as additional ones supported by a set of recently released product features.

JUN 28th 2022  Microsoft Sentinel | Codeless Connector Platform: Create Your Data Connector in Microsoft Sentinel

In this webinar, we will discuss how you can use the Codeless Connector Platform to create custom connectors, connect them and ingest data to Microsoft Sentinel.

JUN 30th 2022   Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Protect Your Databases Anywhere with Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud can protect your databases anywhere, including your SQL servers, SQL VMs, Open-source databases, and just recently announced CosmosDB! Find out why protecting the data in your databases is so crucial, and see a demo for how to secure your databases!

JUL 12th 2022  Microsoft Sentinel | Zero Trust (TIC 3.0) Solution

The Microsoft Sentinel Zero Trust (TIC 3.0) Solution provides a mechanism for viewing log queries aligned to Zero Trust and Trusted Internet Connections models across the Microsoft and partner ecosystem. This solution enables governance and compliance teams to design, build, monitor, and respond to Zero Trust (TIC 3.0) requirements across 25+ Microsoft and 3rd party products.

JUL 14th 2022  Microsoft Sentinel | Cyber Threat Intelligence Demystified in Microsoft Sentinel

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of Microsoft Sentinel threat intelligence capabilities and demonstrate how Microsoft Sentinel allows you to bring in this threat intelligence into its ecosystem and use it to find actionable threats, investigation, and hunting.

JUL 19th 2022  Microsoft Defender for Cloud | What’s New in the Last 3 Months

(Microsoft Defender for Cloud) is in active development and receives improvements on an ongoing basis. In this session we will summarize and demo what we've released for Microsoft Defender for Cloud in the last 3 months that you need to know about!

JUL 20th 2022  Microsoft Defender for IoT | Securing Critical Networks Through Defender for IoT and Horizon DPI

Deep packet inspection in the Defender for IoT platform can be easily extended by developing plug-ins that use the Horizon ODE for deep packet inspection. A patent has been granted to Microsoft for innovative, ICS-aware threat analytics and machine learning algorithms relating to OT/IoT/ICS security.

JUL 21st 2022   Microsoft Sentinel | Microsoft Sentinel Fusion: New Detection Capabilities & Features Explained

In this webinar, we will cover: New Fusion detection capabilities including Insider Threat and Data Exfiltration. After this session, you will have a deeper appreciation of how prevalent Insider Threat and Data Exfiltration attacks are and how Fusion can enable you to detect such attacks that would otherwise be difficult to catch. The new Fusion health metrics that helps you to validate whether Fusion is working as expected, from processing alerts and anomalies to creating incidents. The supervised scoring model we recently added to further improve Fusion’s detection accuracy.

JUL 26th 2022  Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Improving Your Security Posture with Policy Enforcement and Governance

Are you struggling to understand, how to ensure the security posture of your environment does not start deteriorating again or how to apply guardrails at the beginning of the deployment phase of every service in Azure? Come join us to learn how Defender for Cloud and Azure Policies work together to help you improve your security posture with policy enforcement & Governance.

JUL 28th 2022   Microsoft Sentinel | IT/OT Threat Monitoring Solution

There has been a long-standing split between ICS/SCADA (OT) and Corporate (IT) cybersecurity. This split was often driven by significant differences in technology/tooling. Microsoft Defender for IoT's integration with Microsoft Sentinel drives convergency by providing a single pane for coverage of both D4IOT (OT) and Microsoft Sentinel (IT) alerting. This solution includes Workbooks and Analytics rules providing a guide OT detection and Analysis.

AUG 4th 2022   Microsoft Defender for Cloud | How to Ensure Maximum Security Posture For Your Government Cloud Environment and How to Protect It U...

In this session, we will present Microsoft Defender for Cloud and how it allows Azure Government Cloud customers to properly secure their environments, either in the cloud or on-premises.

AUG 11th 2022   Microsoft Sentinel | Building on Microsoft Sentinel Platform

Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native SIEM, enabling enterprises to collect, correlate, and analyze data at cloud speed. Join us in this session to get the most recent updates on Microsoft Sentinel solutions, learn how to create new codeless connectors in Microsoft Sentinel and build your very own Microsoft Sentinel solution. Also learn how you can contribute to the new unified SIEM + XDR GitHub repository to add value to Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender.

AUG 16th 2022   Microsoft Sentinel | Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 Solution

This solution enables Compliance Teams, Architects, SecOps Analysts, and Consultants to gain situational awareness for cloud workload security posture. This solution is designed to augment staffing through automation, visibility, assessment, monitoring and remediation.

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